Sanraa Media

Sanraa Media is looking for pool of talents to be the front –runners to execute challenging International projects. An opportunity to breathe life into “Super Heroes, Mutants, Creatures and more”.

Join us and unleash your creativity…………..

Head of Marketing – Min 8 years of experience
Highly organized, strong leadership and effective negotiation skills; Must be well connected in the animation industry (National & International). Extensive experience of developing, maintaining and delivering on marketing strategies to meet company's objectives. A strong understanding of market dynamics and willingness to travel and work with a global team of professionals.

Graphic Designer – Minimum 3-6 yrs of experience
Individual with strong creative flair, innovative and international design aesthetics; having interest in graphics and typography; excellent computer skills; should be able to work independently and confident to present and explain ideas; ability to illustrate concept by designing rough layout of art and copy; should be deadline oriented; Should have   experience in handling packaging, branding, print advertisements & Web sites; knowledge of 3D Software is desirable; experience in web designing is preferable. Education: Preferably having a degree or diploma. This may be in graphic design, illustration, fine art or a related subject.

Set Texturing Artist – Minimum 3-10 yrs of experience
Knowledge of UV unwrapping / strong color theory / Strong lighting knowledge / Should be able to develop surface materials, normal mapping concept/creating mental ray shaders / knowledge in Z-brush is preferred. Creating and strong understanding of blue prints and scene scale/knowledge in Z-brush and Auto CAD is preferred.

Rigging Artist - Minimum 2 – 15 yrs of experience
Strong understanding of creating advanced biped and quadruped skeletal rigs/strong understanding of human anatomy and creating efficient skinning with accurate deformation/partner with animation team to trouble shoot creative and technical issues.

Animator – Minimum 2 – 15 yrs of experience
Strong understanding of animation principles with excellent acting skills and basic rigging knowledge.

3D Pipeline - Minimum 3 – 15 yrs of experience
Highly experienced in the 3D Graphics/Animation/Gaming industry and have a strong understanding of 3d software from both artistic/usage and development point of view. Very good overall working knowledge of Maya and 3dsMax and the ability to develop/manage CG pipelines using Mel script, Python and maxscript. Experience in Episodic Animated Series desirable. Should be able to design, develop, and implement new tools and processes for a particular show or department.

Fx Artist – Minimum 3 – 15 yrs of experience
Creating effects using Maya particle systems,dynamics,fluids & fluid dynamics using Real flow.Customozing Maya using MEL scripting,Automization of Repetative tasks & effects using expressions.

Lighting Artist – Minimum 3 – 15 yrs of experience
Strong color sense and theory / strong shading knowledge/understanding and creating mood lighting which suits the scene or shot.

Compositor - Minimum 3 – 15 yrs of experience
Highly organized with strong color theory / sense of frame composition / strong knowledge in software like fusion, combustion, after effects etc., / ability to trouble shoot technical and creative issues.

Matte Painter - Minimum 3 – 15 yrs of experience
Should possess good creative knowledge and drawing skill, having knowledge of anatomy is a must, strong understanding of perspectives, good color sense and theory.

Mail your CVs and showreels (links only) today to specifying the post applied in the subject line. E.g., Head of Marketing, 10+ Years, 


send hardcopies to
Sanraa Media
Block A, Plot No. 51/52,
Developed Plots Estate,
Perungudi, Chennai – 600 096.

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