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Sparky Animation’s latest subsidiary in India is now hiring! SPARKY Entertainment India is looking for individuals of varied talents and skill sets to fill positions from a wide range of speciality. Keen enthusiasts can now join our growing team in Chennai.

We have immediate openings for the following positions:

3D Animator (All Level)


    At least 4 years of extensive experience in 3D Character Animation.
    Producing dynamics, believable and appealing character animation by interpreting the sequences depicted in given storyboards and animatics.
    Accurately address and implement the notes, feedback and comments from supervisory staff and ensure that revisions are completed in a timely manner and requires minimal iterations
    Manage time and work collaboratively to deliver the required quota of animationon time, meetdeadlines and achieve production objectives

CG Asset Artists (Modeling & Texture Painting)


    At least 4 years of professional work experience in CG commercial projects.
    Build 3D assets of characters, props or environments to a good level of finish by accurately translating the design reference and meeting the creative requirements, technical needs to scale and easy to rig and animate
    Able to create facial blend targets for the character’s facial rig.
    Must be able to multi task and handle multiple projects at the same time.

Character Technical Director (All Level)


    At least 4 years of extensive experience in character setup for animation or film industry.
    Create versatile character rigs and animation interfaces to suit the requirements of the production.
    Effectively manage technology constraints and proactively troubleshooting and proposing solutions for technical production issues; create documentation and tutorials relating to technical issues.
    Experience in developing tools to improve the productivity of the process of character animation.

Layout Artist(All Level)


    At least 3 year of experience in CGI production.
    Work with supervisory staff to translate animatics into usable 3D shots or sequences. This will include but not limited to camera set up, asset placement and character posing.
    To be able to step key character poses to help convey the intent of a shot (blocking).
    To be able to solve simple animation problems, such as character floating or penetrating.

Lighting and Compositing Artist (All Level)


    At least 4 years of professional work experience in CG commercial projects.
    To work with supervisory staff to establish lighting direction, rendering approaches and compositing techniques on master and individual shots by appropriately translating the colour concepts.
    Setup location and character lighting for individual shots in a CG show.
    Manage render jobs and composite the rendered layers.

Visual Effects Artist (All Level)


    At least 4 years of extensive experience in design and generating special effects.
    Produce appealing and splendid visual effect finals for a wide range of show genres.
    Setup lighting and render layers for FX components and composite with layers from lighting department into the final result.
    To be able to discuss the technical and artistic requirements of the effects in an organized and competent manner, with the supervisory staff.

System Admin


    At least 5 years of system administration experience.
    Prior Experience working in Render servers.
    Experienced in performing system and software audits.
    Must be able to work well under pressure, and always follow schedule.
    Detail-oriented and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
    Diploma or Degree holder in the field of Computer Engineering or Information Technologies.

Game Designer


    At least 2 to 5 years of working as a Game Designer
    Having shipped at least one successful game title
    Strong knowledge of the basic rules of Game Design (Gameplay, balancing, reward, pacing, and learning curve)
    Experience with Unity 3D
    An understanding of statistics and analytics
    Have basic drawing and 3D design skills

Game Producer


    Successful track record in the development of high profile games
    Understanding of games across platforms: Desktop / Mobile (android / IOS) console, PS etc.
    Strong Project Management Skills
    Strong understanding of global gaming market
    Ability to represent the product with proper search engine optimizations in App­ stores and carry out all the tasks in store setup and maintenance
    Technical background is a plus

Game Programmer


    At least 2 years of experience in game development
    Good understanding of the game development cycle from start to release
    Understanding of 3D math including matrix transformation, quaternion, vector arithmetic
    Demonstrated experience in AI programming and AI algorithms
    Experience in integrating Social networking,  Unity Ads and third party plugins
    Experience in  Smartfox server, network/ multiplayer game-play and ability to integrate game with backend services

Senior Game Programmer


    At least 8 years of experience in game development
    Good Object Oriented design skills, including best practices, patterns, algorithms and data structures
    Experience of UDP/TCP IP protocols and multiplayer game development
    Development expertise in Backend,  Frontend, Graphic programming for mobile platforms
    Core owner for designing the security, performance and scalability aspects of gaming applications
    Work experience in Agile game development

Server Programmer


    Excellent Java skills, familiar with multithreaded applications, Concurrency, Test driven development, advanced profiling and debugging
    Solid knowledge of Spring Framework (3 and above)
    Strong SQL skills and relational database knowledge (Hibernate / JPA a big plus)
    Excellent knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns
    Experience with Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning techniques
    Good to have exposure to NoSQL database

Technical Artist


    At least 2 years of experience as a technical artist in game development
    Good understanding of the game development cycle from start to release
    Experience with Sound Integration , creating particle system , Level Generation , Occlusion Culling and lights in unity
    Good exposure in C# programming / Javascript to work with Unity.
    Prior work experience on Version control tools such as Perforce, Bit Bucket or SVN
    Create highly optimized mobile shader/material to use within Unity, across all projects

Contact Details
Lokesh – Manager, HR
044 42053521

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