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We are a continuously evolving independent creative organization based in London, Los Angeles, and Pune. The Pune studio became operational from 2006 and since then we’ve focused on exploring new ways to deliver more effective digital content to the clients.

We’ve blended the skills of a creative agency, a production company, a postproduction company, and a visual effects company with the simple goal of delivering ambitious creative solutions within a more efficient working model for our clients.

Our team is made up of strategists, copywriters, art directors, 3D and 2D designers, technologists, producers, filmmakers, editors, compositors, animators, and web developers.  Each phase of a project is a craft in its own right, and working together on a day-to-day basis instead of in short bursts, like the typical industry model, fosters a deeper level of collaboration across all phases of development.

We pride ourselves on reliability.  Behind the scenes we are a diverse group of professional disciplines, nationalities and personalities – all with a deep understanding of production and the broader context of the work that we create.

This integrated approach to content creation means that we’re able to collaborate with our clients more closely than most, and that we’re able to consistently achieve the communication, quality and budget objectives of any given project.

We are looking at the following artists to join us;


1) Look Dev Artists (CODE: LDA)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 3 Years


    Knowledge of Maya Hypershade.

    Understanding of Physically correct shaders.
    Know-how of Texturing and UV techniques.
    Prior experience of OctaneRender or Mental Ray with Mia and Mia X shaders will be an added advantage.

2) ReTouch Artist (CODE: RA)



    Advanced level Photoshop Skillset.
    Retouching, Illustration, Compositing, and Colour correction of raw photography.
    Excellent eye to detail.
    Prior experience of Working with 3D Render Passes will be added advantage.

3) Lighting Artist (CODE: LA)

Experience  :  0 to 3+ Years


    Proficient in creating realistic lighting setups.
    Excellent knowledge of Mental Ray shading network.
    Good Understanding of Maya Nuke workflow.
    Prior experience with OctaneRender will be added advantage.

4) 3D Modeling Artist (CODE: 3DM)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 2 years


    Excellent polygon modeling skills in Maya.
    Ability to model highly detailed and mid polygon 3d models
    Ability to use Photoshop for creating textures

5) Texturing Artist (CODE: TA)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 2 years


    Excellent texturing skills using different tools, and unwrapping in Maya
    Ability to create Seamless textures
    Understanding of normal, bump , displacement maps

6) Motion graphics and compositing Artist (CODE: MGCA)

EXPERIENCE:  1 to 4 years


    The core of role will be motion graphics/editing/compositing.
    Proficient in After Effects animating typography and illustrations.
    Ability to do CG Compositing with multiple passes.
    Good knowledge of AE effects and plug-ins.
    Good command over English language to understand projects.

7)  3D Animation Artist (CODE: 3DA)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 2 years


    Good understanding of animation timing graph editor and tangents.
    Creativity to visualise out of the box camera angles and animations.
    Good command over English language to understand storyboards.
    Right attitude and quick learner.

To apply, you can:

    Email your resume with demo reel links at

Make sure you specify the position code you are applying for in the Subject of your mail

For Eg. :- LDA  Applying for Look Dev Artist

                RA Applying for ReTouch Artist

                LA Applying for Lighting Artist

                3DM Applying for Modeling Artist 

                TA Applying for Texturing Artist

                MGCA Applying for Motion Graphics & Compositing Artist

                3DA Applying for Animation artist  


    Visit our studio to hand over a hard copy of your resume and demo reel.

Note: Demo reel link is important for experienced candidates.

Who ever had applied before should reapply as we select artist on their current skills.

Our salary structure is highly competitive and commensurate with experience.

For any queries contact us at 020-32319262. 


HMX India
602 Pentagon Tover IV
Magarpatta City

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