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Agni Interactive is a global creative content development and Transmedia company focused on bringing visual stories, ideas and experiences. Agni focuses on the overall management and delivery of client’s creative initiatives across video gaming, social and mobile games, Film and TV production and Interactive publishing (graphic novels and motion comics).

Engaging with leading Creative directors in the US on our client initiatives, Agni brings a collaborative environment in executing our creative projects, through our studio in India. Agni Interactive personifies the next level of creative partnership for our clients in the creative industry across video games, publishing and TV Broadcast and Film industry.

Agni Interactive counts ngmoco, Paradox Interactive, Zombie Studios, Zynga, Charlex among its growing client partners that have relied on us for their creative initiatives across games, previsualization, cinematics and interactive content development.

Agni Interactive is looking for Concept Artist and 3D Artists who can work on all the aspects of interactive  content development  projects (video games, films, graphic novels) ranging from character, creature and weapon design to world and environment design.

Location :- All openings are for the Hyderabad studio

Open Positions:

1. Entry Level Concept Artist

a. Should have drawing and Illustration skills.

b. Should have basic knowledge of drawing and composition fundamentals. c. Should have knowledge in color theory.

2. Mid Level Concept Artist ( Between 3 – 6 Years of Experience)

a. Should have strong drawing and illustration skills.

b. Should have good knowledge of drawing and composition fundamentals.

c. Should have strong knowledge in color theory and painting skill.

d. Should have good understanding of visual storytelling.

e. Should have experience in concept designing for Characters for movies /games and environments.

f. Should be flexible and be able to adapt to different art styles.

g. Should have thorough understanding of Photoshop or corel painter.

3. Senior 3D Artist – ( More than 7 Years Experience )

a. Should have advance knowledge in Maya, Zbrush or Mudbox, Photoshop.

b. Should have in-depth knowledge on Human anatomy.

c. Should have worked with the Art Director on at least 3 different styles of games.

d. Experienced in art production across console, pc and mobile games.

e. Must have experience in mentoring, reviewing work, and train less experienced artists.

f. Must have excellent knowledge on High Poly to Low Poly Assets conversion.

g. Must have experience as a team lead with more than 10 Artists.

h. Must have Experience in deducing time estimates.

i. Must have experience in setting new pipelines for game art services.

j. Expertise in Zbrush will be preferred.

k. Expert knowledge in Unity 3D. Other Game Engine experience will be an advantage.

4. Mid – Level 3D Artist ( Between 3 – 6 Years of Experience)

a. Should be primarily a Generalist (Modeling, Texturing and overall pipeline understanding).

b. Should know Maya /3DS Max and Zbrush

c. Should understand High Poly – Low Poly Methodology

d. Should be able to create 3D models from photos and real-world objects

e. Should be able to understand the project requirements and develop high

quality 3D models accordingly.

f.  Should have a thorough understanding of Asset Integration & Level Design.

g. Should know texture painting experience (UV Mapping)

h. Experience in Unity 3D & UDK will be preferred

i. Experience in projection mapping texturing method will be an advantage

5. Junior 3D Artist – ( Between 1 – 3 Years of Experience)

a. Must have 3D modelling experience – Characters, Props & Accessories, Environments

b. Must have knowledge of human anatomy

c. Must be proficient in Photoshop for texturing

d. Must be Experienced in Maya, Z brush

6. Fresher/Intern 3D Artist

a. Must have good knowledge in Maya/3DS Max,  Photoshop

b. Having Zbrush knowledge will be advantage

c. Should know game development pipeline

d. BFA artist will be preferred

7. Rigging Artist – Full Time / Freelance. - ( Above 5 Years of Experience)

a. Should have understanding of 3D art/animation game pipeline

b. Should be able to do character set up – including Rigging and Skinning of Bipeds and Quadrupeds

c. Should be good at troubleshooting Skills

d. Should be well versed with Principles of Animations

e. Should be able to work with the animation department to solve animation problems

f. Should know Maya rigging systems

g. Should have worked on at least two games

h. Should have knowledge in Unity3D and UDK

i. Knowledge in any other 3D package will be preferred

Send your Resumes and online Portfolio to

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