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Maya Digital Studios has over the years managed to attract and retain the best talents in the media segment. We are currently hiring for the upcoming slate of new projects in features, game cinematics and TV.



Position: 3D Animators (Mid Level)
Experience Required: 1-4 years
Skills & Softwares: Technically very sound in Autodesk Maya

    Commit to meet project deadlines without compromising artistic integrity
    Work in a team-oriented environment and use organizational and interpersonal skills on a daily basis
    Demonstrate a critical eye and a strong passion for creating and evaluating animation
    Producing lively and appealing character animation by interpreting the key sequences depicted in given    storyboards


Position: Rigging Artist

Experience Required: Should have 0 – 3 yrs of production experience

Skills & Softwares:

1- Knowledge of Modeling tools, Animation tools and Deformers

2- Should have good understanding of Maya and all its features

3- Ability to optimize files and Strong Troubleshooting skills

4- Production of quality creative works conscious of deadlines (which may at times include overtime)

5- Investigate new techniques and processes for rigging as well as other departments

6- Very good understanding of Anatomy, Muscle behavior

7- Strong understanding of creating advanced Rigs for biped and quadruped and creating skinning with accurate deformations

8- Knowledge of MEL Scripting

Responsibilities:A Rigger will be responsible for creating Creature Rigs in Maya as well as Max which will help the animation production process

Candidate should be able to handle technical issues across various departments

Qualification: Graduate (Any)


Position: VFX Artists (For Live-Action and CG Films)

Experience Required: Minimum 3 to 5 yrs

Pre-visualization - The ability to rapidly prototype visual effects using industry standard packages such as after effects is a distinct advantage
Programming - Knowledge of particle expressions and MEL Scripting is a plus

Teamwork and Communication: Strong communication skills and a willingness to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team environment

Particle Effects - The main focus and majority of time will be spent creating, implementing and optimizing particle visual effects. Examples include fire, smoke, explosion trails and sparkle bursts

Geometry Effects - Many effects include textured and animated 3D geometry. Examples include shockwaves and explosion debris

Full Screen Effects – 2D ‘screen space’ effects require special attention and specialist texture treatments. Examples include blur, vignettes and screen impact effects

We are also looking for Freshers.


Position: Modelling & Texturing Artist
          Mid-Senior Level (Experience Required: 3-6 yrs)

Skills & Softwares:

    Strong skill based experience in high poly & low poly model
    Should have strong knowledge to create Character, Location and Props models
    Strong knowledge of Character blends shape
    A strong understanding of Modeling, Rigging and animation principles
    Strong skill base in UV
    Strong skill base and experience in Photoshop and must have high-level photo real Texturing experience
    Must have high level production experience
    Can work in a variety of styles
    Experience with Maya, 3DS Max, Z-brush, Photoshop and other 3D applications is a plus
    Good Communication Skill & Team leading skillMust be proactive and a very quick learner and ability to work under tight deadlines

2.  Junior Level (Experience Required: 0-2 yrs)

Skills & Softwares:

    Should have strong knowledge to create Character, Location and Props models
    Strong knowledge of Character blends shape
    Strong skill base in UV
    Strong skill base and experience in Photoshop and must have Texturing experience
    Experience with Maya, 3DS Max, Z-brush, Photoshop and other 3D applications is a plus
    Good Communication Skills
    Must be proactive and a very quick learner and ability to work under tight deadlines


Position: Mid Level Compositors

Experience Required: 2-4 years

Skills & Softwares:
    Must have thorough knowledge of node-based compositing systems
    Good Communication & Team Leading skills are essential


Position: Lighting & Shader Artists

1.      Mid-Senior Level (Experience Required: 3-6 yrs)

Skills & Softwares:

    Strong color sense and theory
    Strong lighting knowledge
    strong shading and Texturing knowledge
    Knowledge of UV unwrapping
    Should be able to develop creative concepts and surface materials
    Creating Maya \ Mental ray shaders
    Troubleshoot model and scene issues, lighting and rendering problems
    Maintain a high level of quality while working on multiple projects under aggressive deadlines
    Maintain clear communication with Supervisor, Production team, and other departments for timely and creative results

2.  Junior Level (Experience Required: 0-2 yrs)

 Skills & Softwares:

    Good color sense and theory
    Understanding and creating mood lighting which suits the scene or shot
    Understand and create Maya /Mental ray shaders
    Must be able to handle multiple tasks
    Must be able to work long hours when necessary


Position: Dynamics Artist

Experience Required:  Should have 1 – 2 yrs of production experience

Software Knowledge:

    Strong knowledge of Maya and Max
    Must have strong knowledge of Maya Cloth simulation
    Knowledge of procedural modeling, deformers and animation basics is a must
    Should understand basic physics
    Should understand Lighting and different Renderers

 Desired Competencies (Skills):

    Design and create character effects such as Hair, Fur and Cloth
    Should have strong sense of physical properties of cloth
    Creatively solve problems and achieve art direction independently
    Ability to work with team to deliver superior quality
    Should have interest in knowing new methodologies to get desired creative calls
    Must have the ability to work on tight deadlines


Position: Rendering Artists

Experience Required: Freshers/0-2 years

Skills & Softwares:

    Knowledge of Maya & 3D Max
    Knowledge of Render man, Mental ray, V-ray, 3delight (if Any)Basic knowledge of Lighting and Compositing
    Knowledge of lighting Passes and Layers
    Ability to manage the render farm and data management in layers
    Must be able to work in shift and in tight deadlines



Pre-Production Artist
Experience Required: 2-5 years
Skills & Softwares:

    Create storyboards from start to end, follow instructions
    Communicate progress of work to creative supervisors and to appropriate production staff
    Artist should maintain quality and styles of the project consistently achieved in storyboard work and ensure all storyboard notes are updated
    Meet all deadlines as determined by managers
    Story board Artist should be able to provide animations wireframes to make understand 3D animation department
    It’s mandatory that artist should have excellent knowledge of Photoshop


    Analyze the story/script, interpreting script pages and sequences into visual presentations
    Developing / designing characters and background environment according to the game
    Should be able to think of different perspective angles suitable to the games
    Working quickly to translate story ideas into visual sequences
    Work closely with Director, Mangers to finalize scenes
    Create Storyboards for the scenes assigned


Position: Assistant-Production Coordinator

Experience Required: 1-2 years


Position: Writer for an animated T.V series

Experience Required: 0-2 years


    Develop existing story/script ideas into final episode/film scripts
    Develop new story ideas/concepts basis the brief given by the creative team for the concept bank for future projects
    Analyze existing content and draw insights for future content development

Interested candidates can drop in their resumes at

Contact HR: 022-65809023

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