Turtle in Motion Studios

If you have the zeal in you and the passion to grab up a storyline, then be a part of the TIMS team! TurtleinMotion Animation studios based in Kolkata is seeking artists for their next project on a contractual basis.

Current Openings -:


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
o Model, rig, texture, light and render 3D CG vehicles and props and create related effects.
o Work effectively with 3D teammates, compositors and production for timely and creative results.
o Troubleshoot model and scene issues, lighting and rendering problems.
o Maintain a high level of quality while working on multiple projects under aggressive deadlines.
o Manage time effectively and give accurate assessments of a project’s projected timeline, staffing needs, and current status.

o Full working knowledge of Maya is a must.
o At least 5 years of professional experience as a Technical Director or Supervisor

Desired Skills:
o Experience with Maya, Mudbox, Maxwell, ZBrush and other 3D applications is encouraged.
o Familiarity with The Foundry’s Nuke or Fusion is a plus.
o Experience with effects-related tools and techniques a plus (cloth/ hair/ fur/ fume FX/ Real Flow/ Particle Flow).
o Experience managing commercial projects and training staff.

Snr.Pre-Production Artists – Minimum 2-10 yrs of experience
Should be well-proficient in understanding 2D animation and able to deliver well. Experience in creating animatics is a must .A good knowledge of painting is must with strong anatomical understanding as well.

Matte Painter – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Should possess good creative knowledge and drawing skill, having knowledge of anatomy is a must, strong understanding of perspectives, good color sense and theory.

3D Sr. Generalists (MODELING & TEXTURING)- Minimum 2-10 yrs of experience
Strong sense of anatomy and also proficient skills in cartoon modeling. Must have high-level photo real painting experience and have the ability to replicate details of objects in painting. Strong skill base in UV and V ray shaders. Strong skill base and experience in Photoshop. Must have strong observation skills to create realistic shaders in Maya. Ability to create high quality texture maps, including supporting maps (specular, displacement, etc)and possess a full understanding of map properties in relation to surfaces and lighting. Experience working on international projects is a plus. Experience with Maya, Mudbox, Maxwell, and other 3D applications is a plus. Added knowledge of 2d is an advantage.

Set Texturing Artist – Minimum 5-10 yrs of experience
Knowledge of UV unwrapping / strong color theory / Strong lighting knowledge / Should be able to develop surface materials, normal mapping concept/creating mental ray shaders / knowledge in Z-brush is preferred. Creating and strong understanding of blue prints and scene scale/knowledge in Z-brush and Auto CAD is preferred.

Rigging Artist – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Strong understanding of creating advanced biped and quadruped skeletal rigs/strong understanding of human anatomy and creating efficient skinning with accurate deformation/partner with animation team to trouble shoot creative and technical issues.

Animator – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Strong understanding of animation principles with excellent acting skills and basic rigging knowledge.

Lighting Artist – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Strong color sense and theory / strong shading knowledge/understanding and creating mood lighting which suits the scene or shot.

3D Pipeline – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Highly experienced in the 3D Graphics/Animation/Gaming industry and have a strong understanding of 3d software from both artistic/usage and development point of view. Very good overall working knowledge of Maya and 3dsMax and the ability to develop/manage CG pipelines using Mel script, Python and maxscript. Experience in Episodic Animated Series desirable. Should be able to design, develop, and implement new tools and processes for a particular show or department.

Fx Artist – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
creating effects using Maya particle systems, dynamics, fluids & fluid dynamics using Real flow. Customizing Maya using MEL scripting, Atomization of Repetitive tasks & effects using expressions.

Simulation Artist – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Proficient in Cloth , Hair and Fur simulations

Rendering Artist – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Rendering artists should be able to bring the final output in Renderman.

Compositor – Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Highly organized with strong color theory / sense of frame composition / strong knowledge in software like fusion, combustion, after effects etc., / ability to trouble shoot technical and creative issues.

Production Coordinators- Minimum 2 – 10 yrs of experience
Experience of working in a 3D and VFX environment. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills required. Superior skills in MS Excel. Ability to cope with extreme deadlines a must.

Interested candidates can mail their resumes and a link of their showreel to -: sreemoyee@turtleinmotionstudios.com or
call @ 0336616-9704

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