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Join the creative and exciting journey with Big Block LA, the media division of SLK Group. Big Block LA has its VFX set up based in Los Angeles and Bangalore. Big Block production studio is specialized in digital automotive content, VFX designing for Hollywood feature films and television commercials (web site

Currently we are seeking following positions for our studio in Bangalore, India.

1. JOB TITLE  - GENERALIST (Multiple Positions)
In-house experienced Generalists proficient in multiple areas of 3D CG using 3DS Max for commercial production work. Candidates should have strong industry experience using 3DS Max in production environments, skilled in performing various aspects including modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, and effects.

PROJECT:  Multiple 3D Commercial Projects Job
Duties(s): 3D Graphics: Rendering, Animation (Hair/Fur/Skin), Shading, Lighting,
Rendering ; Particle Systems
Software Utilized: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects, Python, MaxScript, Motion Builder, ZBrush, Nuke, Mental Ray, fume FX, Realflow 3, Mudbox.
Genre(s): Commercial 3D CG, also Feature Film Visual FX

• Model, rig, texture, light and render 3D CG vehicles and props and create related effects.
• Work effectively with 3D teammates, compositors and production for timely and creative results.
• Troubleshoot model and scene issues, lighting and rendering problems.
• Maintain a high level of quality while working on multiple projects under aggressive deadlines.
• Maintain clear communication with Supervisor, Production team, and other VFX staff.
• Manage time effectively and give accurate assessments of a project's projected timeline and staffing needs

• Full working knowledge of 3ds Max is a must.
• At least 3 years of professional experience as a Technical Director or Generalist working in   more than one of the following areas: modeling, animation, surfacing, rigging, VFX/ FX animation, lighting, and rendering.

• Experience with 3DS Max, V-Ray, and other 3ds Max plugins is preferred.
• Experience with Maya, Mudbox, Maxwell, and other 3D applications are encouraged.
• Familiarity with The Foundry's Nuke or Adobe After Effects is a plus.
• Experience with effects-related tools and techniques a plus (cloth/ hair/ fur/ fume FX/ Real Flow/ Particle Flow)
• Experience managing commercial projects and training staff.



The Production Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day production schedule of active and upcoming digital media projects, facilitating the communication between relevant departments and individuals, helping implement production strategies, and coordinating the crew and resources to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the production. The Production Manager reports to the General Manager, and interacts with the senior management and key team members on day-to-day regarding crew progress and needs. Also, the PM is responsible for ensuring that pertinent information is communicated to all appropriate parties on the project at all times, internally and externally.

• Ensures communication between the studio management, show supervisors, and team members.
• Develop and maintain the schedules for projects and departments.
• Assess challenges to productivity and present solutions to solve the issues.
• Manage complexity by presenting core creative group with options and allowing them to prioritize their wishes.
• Ensure smooth communication and deliveries.

Experience in a digital production environment (preferably in film, commercial, or broadcast work) is expected.

Please send updated C.V. and demo reels to

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