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Position: Compositor
Type: Full Time

Job Description
The Compositor combines and oversees others who combine live action and computer generated elements into visual effects shots that realize the vision and creative direction of the client and visual effects supervisor.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    Perform all tasks associated with the compositing process, including 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements and colour grading.
    Ability to perform digital matte painting, texture painting, or paint/roto work is a plus
    Together with the Lead Compositor evaluate the creative and technical approach for assigned shots.
    Complete work within the schedule while maintaining constant communication with production team and other artists.
    Ability to share techniques and mentor junior level talent.

Working Practices:
    Proven ability to work closely in a small team with tight schedules.
    Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and manage time well.
    Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
    Experience in dealing directly with clients.
    Good note-taking and written skills.
    Good time-keeping.

    Demo reel required demonstrating strong artistic skills including knowledge of color,    lighting, perspective, scale, and composition.
    Traditional art portfolio demonstrating traditional art skills is a plus.
    Experience with Maya or equivalent is a plus.
    Experience in a multi-platform environment is required.
    Expert knowledge of Shake, Nuke or equivalent is required.
    Completion of a formal education course in the Arts or Sciences.
    3+ years of experience in the high-end feature film visual effects.
    Scripting or programming experience is a plus.

Position: Lead 3D Animator
Type: Full Time

Job Description
The Lead Animator is responsible for managing a team of animators to deliver TV episodes on schedule while meeting the aesthetic goals of the production. The Lead Animator is also responsible for the creation of 3D character animation that meets the originality, creative and technical quality standards of The Clone Wars TV show while mentoring and setting an example to the members of their team.

    Demonstrate a broad range of character animation and acting skills. This includes a deep understanding of the principles of animation, and how to best employ those principles to create performance that supports both the characters and story goals of the show.
    Meet deadlines/milestones/schedules by working in conjunction with Production Management to achieve the production, aesthetic and technical goals of the production.
    Mentor and lead by example less experienced artists, providing them with support, guidance and instruction in areas that provide for their artistic and professional growth.
    Actively communicate with all stages of the production to proactively identify and resolve workflow concerns on an episodic and global basis.
    Actively initiate and communicate sound solutions to technical and design issues related to animation by early and proactive analysis of materials and communication with other departments.
    Possess a deep understanding of character rigging. This includes a fundamental understanding of the technical processes involved, functionality and requirements.
    Demonstrate in depth knowledge of the software tools required for character animation on the production.
    Actively participate in team/department meetings.
    Consistently exercises sound judgment in all areas of performance.

    3+ years experience working in CG animation with experience in episodic or direct to video a plus.
    A reel demonstrating outstanding CG character animation/acting abilities.
    Strong understanding of the principles of animation; the physics of motion, and a wide breadth of stylistic versatility.
    Professional experience working in a leadership capacity in a professional animation production environment.
    Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
    Must be receptive to animation direction from remote facilities and perform well within a collaborative team environment.
    Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.
    Willingness to work overtime when necessary.
    A degree, or equivalent from an animation program, is strongly preferred.
    Acting, dance, figuring drawing, and character rigging preferred.
    Strong command of Maya’s animation tools preferred.
    A deep understanding of the principles of CG character set-up.
    Demonstrated ability to work with a high degree of self-direction.

Position: Lighting Artist
Type: Full

Job Description
Seeking a highly creative and motivated Lighting Artist. In this position, you will be expected to help create visually stunning scenes. You will also be expected to play a role in solving technical problems through collaboration with Art and Engineering.
    Work closely with Art, Cinematic and Programming Teams to create industry leading visuals across a variety of environments, characters and cinematic sequences.
    Craft compelling lighting which supports story, art direction and experiential objectives.
    Translate conceptual illustrations into outstanding real-time lighting visuals.
    Work with Art and Programming teams to anticipate and solve technical challenges within given constraints and visual requirements.
    Be proactive about seeking feedback and communication with the Art Director, Environment Art Lead, Cinematic Director and other relevant departments.
    Develop and maintain a strong understanding of current industry technology, constraints and trends.
    Participate in portfolio reviews, recruitment interviews, and assist in finding and retaining talent.

    2+ years of Game, Film experience.
    A Bachelor's degree or diploma with an emphasis on Art.
    Outstanding knowledge of both real-time and pre-rendered lighting principals (dynamic lighting, light bake solutions, sub surface scattering, HDR)
    Thorough understanding of how light, shadow and colour create tone and mood.
    Exceptional grasp for compositional storytelling and cinematography.
    Understanding of VFX, cinematic or feature film animation production pipelines and workflows.
    Background in real world photography, cinematography and lighting a plus.
    Relevant 2D and 3D software experience Maya, Photoshop, and Proprietary Lighting Tools.
    Ability to work collaboratively must be open to direction and able to embrace change.
    Works well with deadlines.

Position: Concept Artist
Type: Full Time

    1+ years of experience in a similar position
    Self-motivated, Strong knowledge of design, anatomy, perspective, composition and colour theories;
    Ability to execute an idea from the scratch to the finished result must have excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other
    Art/design applications;
    Knowledge of 3d software is a plus (not very necessary), but must have ability to think in 3d
    Team player, capable of working well under pressure and capable of meeting deadlines;

Position: Flash Animator
Type: Full Time

    2+ year experience of creating website/Flash animation/ & Scripting designing/development tools like flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
    He/she must have strong graphics design skills & should be able to convert the creative ideas into high end 2D graphics & animation
    Ability to handle multiple projects with team support
    A team player with Positive attitude and outlook
    Bachelors of fine Arts in Graphic Design, Multimedia design or degree would be preferred.

Position: Entry-level flash animators
Type: Full Time

    Ability to create flash design & animations, story boarding, visualizing and flash presentations.
    Self-motivated with ability to think creatively
    Positive attitude and outlook;
    Bachelor of fine Arts in Graphic Design, Multimedia design or degree would be preferred.

Position: creative writer
Type: Full Time

    Good communication skills English/Hindi both
    Ability to write some original interesting stories/concepts for animation shot/ short films/documentaries/TV commercials etc & convert them into script format.
    Writing experience with published work for magazine, newspapers, e-content would be preferred.
    Must able to write creative content to approach all genre & ages e.g.; fictional, social, urban, animation, music, etc

Contact : Please send your application (CV + few samples of updated work + web address of web site, blog if any) to


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