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At Ticklebug Creative Studio (Hyderabad) we believe that the Visual effects treat we put out into the marketplace is as good as the talent within the company that creates it. After the record breaking movie "ARUNDHATI" we are now working on two action packed movies with full of visual effects and stunts..........

Its High time for us to grow as a team and the openings are;


Animators : Having good knowledge of realistic animation.

Compositors : Working on complex shots using multiple techniques.

3D Generalist : Must be able to work independently or in small groups to trouble-shoot and provide solutions to production issues.

Character/BG Modeler : Responsible for designing and producing 3d models.

Matte paint Artist : Working with the Art Director and Look Paint Supervisor to design environments based on story and script.

In house Concept Artist : Responsible for exciting and compelling environment and character concepts while Working closely and taking direction from the Art Directors in creating the established vision.


  • Experience in high-end film based and 3D based compositing systems.
  • Should have experience in working on complex shots using multiple techniques /Plugins.
Expertise in setting up the final color grading and Motion graphics experience is an added bonus 

Responsibilities :
  • Responsible for the development of visual effects and/or VFX systems for Feature Film under the guidance of a departmental project lead.
  • Work directly with artists to define simulation workflows and interfaces, address shading issues, lighting and rendering challenges.
  • Build and maintain the VFX toolset.
Requirements :
  • At least 3 years feature production experience as a Technical Director including experience with Various 3d/2d Software.
  • Working knowledge of current VFX practice and photorealistic lighting techniques.
  • Experience with VFX simulation: cloth, particles, fluids.
  • Experience with Massive is an added advantage.
  • Must be detail oriented, organized, have good communication skills, and be able to independently handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Assist in the on-going development of the production pipeline.
  • Good working knowledge of python and Mel.
  • A Experience with C or C++, java, OpenGL a plus.
Responsibilities :
  • Painter/Visual Development Artist is responsible for conceptualizing and visualizing ideas, including the creation of digital complex backgrounds, landscapes and environments.
  • Responsible for conceptualizing and designing: architecture, lighting and graphics, which adhere to the Directors overall vision of the project.
Requirements :
  • Strong knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Experience painting mattes and set extensions.
  • High skill level in painting, composition, perspective and color.
Responsibilities :
  • Creating exciting and compelling environment and character concepts.
  • Working closely and taking direction from the Art Directors in creating the established vision for the character art.
  • Research and gathering of imagery related to current tasks.
  • Participate and give status updates in regular team meetings.
Requirements :
  • AA/BFA preferred, or at least demonstrates through portfolio an industry standard level of art.
  • Strong background in traditional art skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of human anatomy and proportions.
  • Knowledge of art history and contemporary culture.
  • A proven record of meeting deadlines.
  • A good communicator who is comfortable taking direction and critique.
  • Some familiarity with 3d art and expertise in Photoshop is a plus.
Tickle and trigger us with your work and you are welcome aboard.
Interested candidates can mail their CV, work samples and show-reel link to Email:
info@ticklebugstudio.com , anil@ticklebugstudio.com 

Plot no 5, sabdaalaya Complex, 

L.V.Prasad Marg, Road No.2, 
Banajara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034

Tel: 040-23606052 /+91-8978666052

Web: www.ticklebugstudio.com 

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