Famous Studios Ltd

Famous Studios Ltd

Famous Studios Ltd. is one of India`s leading audiovisual post-production and rentals studios all under one roof. With a legacy of over 10 decades, Famous boasts state of the art equipment and technology for it`s clients and provides various services such as DI, Scanning, Film Restoration, Animation, VFX, Rotoscopy, Online/Offline Editing, Audio post, Shooting floors and Cameras. We are scouting for top talent in Film Restoration:

Team Leaders: having strong knowledge of revival/diamant both auto/manual,should have experience of working in SD/HD/2K/4K.
• Hard working, should have strong communication skills
• Should be able to achieve targets, should be able to motivate the entire team.
• Strong and dynamic approach towards the work

Experienced Artists for Da Vinci Revival:
• Strong strong knowledge of the software
• Should be able to work in different resolutions i.e SD/HD/2K/4

Restoration QC Artist:
• Experienced QC artist, with strong knowledge of quality of SD/HD/2K/4K.
• Prefer to interview artists with knowledge of Da Vinci Revival and HS-ART Diamant software.

Please email CV`s to following contacts:

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