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Rhythm & Hues Studios India

Rhythm & Hues Studios India is looking for artists to work on different high-end Hollywood feature films at their Mumbai studios.Artists at R&H India are fully integrated with the overall production process and contribute to all stages of the animation and VFX pipeline.
Job Opportunities are in the following positions.

3D Animator
Position Summary:
You will be doing character animation (body animation as well as lip synch). In addition to this you might also need to create camera motion, move inanimate objects through space (such as aircraft), animatics which include layout and rough blocking for previsualization purposes.

Required Skills:
Strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, or sculpture, etc.)
Should be trained in classical animation or have exp. in Classical animation.
Good acting skills / basic training in Acting.
Knowledge of using Mocap data / exp. in stop motion animation.
Clear understanding of rigging fundamentals.
Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills).
Experience in a production environment (film/broadcast industry) as Character Animator / Facial Animator.
Familiarity with UNIX / Linux

Submission Requirements:
Demo reel should showcase your understanding of animation principles such as squash-and-stretch, overlapping action, anticipation, follow-through, weight, timing, etc.
Demonstrate acting skills, Lip-syncing examples are also helpful in addition to walk cycles and life drawings. Reel should demonstrate diversity in animation styles, ranging from highly realistic motion to a more exaggerated "cartoony" style.

3D Modeling Artist
Position Summary:
Applicants must show a solid sense of 3-dimensional design and attention to detail through their works with traditional sculpture, architecture and/or industrial design, as well as digital models. Since a majority of our work deals with combining computer generated elements with live action, the level of detail in your work should be able to approach photo-realistic complexity. In addition, a demonstration of high level of understanding of anatomy and proportions of realistic human figures and animals is helpful. As our work is quite diverse in subject, the applicants should be able to demonstrate a breadth of competence in 3D form - from mechanical design to organic objects, from photoreal to stylized. 
            Modelers at Rhythm & Hues generally concentrate on modeling and sculpting. They would also be responsible for assigning of UV texture mapping coordinates as well as creating any groups which the Lighter or Character Animator may need. Modeler must 
understand the different ways to project a texture map and be able to gauge their results. They must also understand how the object will be lit. Modelers work very closely with Lighters and Animators to ensure that there is enough detail and control wherever necessary.

Additional Info:
Modeler will work on projects of varying visual style and looks from photo real to stylized.
Will be responsible for creating organic characters and hard surface models as per international standards as asked by our Supervisors.Work in a team environment on commercials and feature films.

Required Skills:
Preferably having strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)
Must have high-level of production experience (about 1-5 yrs).
Strong skill base and experience in 3D software like Maya and/or 3D Studio Max.
Must have strong observation skills to create models in 3D.
Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills).
Experience working on international projects is a plus.
Familiarity with UNIX / Linux working environment is a plus.
Knowledge/exp. in sculpting, anatomy study and Mel scripting is a plus.

Submission Requirements:
Demo reels should demonstrate examples of detailed models for both organic and inorganic models or props.
360 degree turntables of Grey shaded models with wire frame on it is a must.
Inclusion of Textured and colored shaded models is a plus.
Persons having a fine art background can include Art works from their portfolio.

Compositing Training Program
Position Summary:
The R&H Compositing Training Program is designed to provide talented individuals with the right skillsets, an indepth training in Compositing techniques and artistry required to create high quality visual effects for Hollywood feature films. They will have access to learn from highly skilled industry professionals, some of the tips and tricks of integrating CGI with real-life footage (including Blue Screen / Green Screen matte extraction, Color correction, 2D Tracking) on a few of our latest projects, using R&H proprietory software backed with a strong pipeline, to ensure the highest quality of work. The program will also include modules on BgPrep (Rotoscoping, Wire removals, Rig removals) which is essential for a compositor to have knowledge about. It will run between 10 to 12 weeks in duration and will be conducted at the Mumbai office.

The ideal candidates would be Digital Artists with 2-3 years of Compositing experience in film who would be hired as full time Compositors, selected through a screening process. At the end of the training program, there would be opportunities to work on the current Hollywood productions based upon consistent performance of the artist.

FX Artist
Position Summary:
Effects TDs create visuals to represent natural phenomenon (e.g., fire, water, smoke, clouds, and bubbles) and anything else extraordinary. These effects employ the use of particle systems, deformations, blobbies, flocking, dynamics, rendering, compositing, shader writing, scripting, other procedural techniques.

Work with other TDs, Supervisors and Producers to create believable special effects
Accurately interpret concept art and design from the Art Department
Use and understand 3D lighting, effects and compositing tools 
Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughput

Required Skills:
Minimum 3 years experience with a high-end animation system such as Houdini, Renderman, Alias and/or Maya
Strong demo reel/portfolio in realistic effects animation and lighting
Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving in 3 dimensional space
Understanding and experience with advanced rendering, compositing and procedural animation concepts
Ability to work well in team atmosphere
Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks

Senior Compositor
Position Summary:
This is a technical and aesthetic role that is responsible for creating high quality digital composites of computer graphics and visual effects for feature films and television.

A compositor would be responsible for the seamless integration of computer generated elements with live action plates
The artist would be working closely with lighters to produce high quality visual effects.
The artist would necessarily be required to work on BgPrep (rotoscoping, chroma keying, wire removals, rig removals, dustbusting) for 1 or 2 production cycles at the outset. On consistent and successful performance in BgPrep he/she would be given an opportunity to work on Compositing.

Required Skills:
Minimum 2-3 years experience with Shake, Nuke, Digital Fusion or any other node based compositing application.
3 years experience in working/leading a team of compositors in a post production facility
An art background would be an added advantage.
Proficiency and artistic sensibilities required in the areas of rotoscoping, wire removals, warping and morphing, and compositing (including blue/green screen extraction, keying, color correction)
Exposure to Photography would be preferable.
Strong UNIX skills (preferably Linux).
Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills).
Experience working in the Film/entertainment industry.

Submission Requirements:
Strong demo reel/portfolio showing high quality computer graphics imagery and showcasing aesthetic skills.
Live action shots with "before" and "after" versions depicting wire or rig removals, chroma keying, background replacements, day-to-night, etc. need to be showcased.
Final composites of computer generated elements with live action background.
Shot breakdown sheet (including your role on each shot and what software was used).
Reel should demonstrate a strong aesthetic sense by way of digital artwork samples, etc.

Texturing Artist
Position Summary:
Texturing Artists will work on projects of varying visual style, photo-real or non-photo-realistic looks. Will be responsible for creating shaders and painting textures as per international standards as asked by our Supervisors.

Required Skills:
Preferably having strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, etc.).
Must have high-level photo real painting experience and have the ability to replicate details of objects in painting.
Strong skill base and experience in Photoshop.
Must have strong observation skills to create realistic shaders in 3D.
Experience with 3D packages and projection painting is preferable.
Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills).
Experience working on international projects is a plus.
Familiarity with UNIX / Linux working environment is a plus.
Knowledge/exp. in Photography & color theory is a plus.

Submission Requirements:
Demo reels should demonstrate examples of detailed textures painted for organic and inorganic models or props.
360 degree turntables of textured and shaded models is a must.
Should have break-ups of different texture passes used in each model. For eg., Diffuse, Specular, Reflection, Displacement/Bump etc.
The models can be shown with a checkered map to demonstrate the UV layouts.
Persons having a fine art background should add works for their Art portfolio.

Online Resume Submission:

Contact Us:

Rhythm & Hues Studios India Private Limited
Prism Tower, A-Wing, 3rd Floor 
Goregaon-Malad Link Road
Goregaon (West), Mumbai 400062

Phone: +91 22 40388888 


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